Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen

Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen

Herzen University is the largest university in Russia. It is composed of & mdash; More than 20 faculties and 100 departments. All educational structural units interact with the scientific departments of the University: Institute of Physics, the Research Institute of continuous pedagogical education, General Education Research Institute, more than 25 research centers and laboratories

« Specialists LLC "Omega » It has proven to be experienced professionals with a high level of knowledge and skills, as well as innovative approach to solving problems. Completed LLC "Omega" work to create a new system based on the platform "1C: Enterprise 8" we estimate positively and look forward to further cooperation »

Boykov DI
Vice-rector for informatization "RGPU. Herzen »


  • automation of the painting project costs;
  • the possibility of budgeting in the context of budget classification codes with more detail;
  • automation for competitive activities in accordance with the Federal Law of 21.07.2005 94-FZ;
  • simplify the accounting of public contracts, agreements;
  • accounting estimate execution;
  • report generation on the above tasks;
  • automation of all procurement procedures for the needs of the University, from the planning to the costs of the contract and its execution, including all necessary approvals;
  • the implementation of performance management user capabilities in the program
  • .


In was conducted rapid survey of the objects of automation, formalization of the terms of reference during August to November 2010 the specialists of "Omega", a description of the business processes, the implementation of an information system, training of the University staff. Later it passed trial operation. The information system was created based on the platform "1C: Enterprise 8.2" from a variety of software products, such as "1C: Accounting public institution", "1C: State and local government purchases", "1C: Document»



  • in the "RGPU. Herzen ", an integrated control system, planning and procurement, covering the planning and financial management, procurement management, sales and structural units involved in the process.


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